Audiovisual content moves our society, is present in many areas of our lives and has even changed our consumption habits. Now more than ever is the time to invest in protecting this content. Having a cross-cutting view of all applicable regulations is the key to ensuring progress in this sector.

Audiovisual and multimedia

  • Advising audiovisual and music producers: negotiation and contracting (record contracts, audiovisual production contracts, etc.)
  • Drafting and review of contracts on digital content, exploitation of audiovisual works, usage licences, agency contracts.
  • TV format registration. Video-on-demand platforms. 
  • Advising artists, performers and content creators on contracting and procedural legal representation.
  • Management and promotion of music rights. Artists’ and performers’ image rights. Contracts, transactions and licences in the digital content and interactive entertainment industry.

Legal services for YOUTUBERS and INFLUENCERS

  • Comprehensive advising on privacy, data protection and online reputation management.
  • Protection and defence of Intellectual Property and Trademarks, Distinctive Signs and images Rights over videos, texts or contents.
  • Contracting and collaborations with third parties, Cybersecurity and Information Security. Taxation.
  • Assessment and assistance in compliance with regulations on information society and audiovisual communication service providers.

Video games and E. SPORT

  • Legal protection of video games against piracy and plagiarism.
  • Advising on Intellectual and Industrial Property and Unfair Competition
  • Image rights and protection of personal data. Transfer of an athlete’s image
  • Advising on the creation, development, national and international distribution and sale, use and dissemination of video games.
  • Legal assistance to video game companies, developers and eSports GAMERS
  • Advertising in Sports. Drafting and management of sponsorship contracts for sporting events and SPONSORING contracts 

Marketing Digital

  • Legal advising for compliance with regulations on online marketing actions and electronic commercial communications. Big Data management. 
  • Design of legal instruments on digital marketing: general terms and conditions of distance contracting, privacy policies and notices.
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of contracts and agreements with service providers for lead generation, web positioning, digital marketing, etc.; design of customer service and data protection rights management protocols.
  • Assistance in matters relating to consumer and user complaints.

Specialised training

“Training is a good basis for any business”

Continuous learning and training is one of our cornerstones. For this reason, we offer specialised in-house and virtual training for our clients in the areas in which we specialise.