Understanding how public administrations work and successfully interacting with them requires a high level of knowledge of the subject matter. A sector with its own particularities, structure and framework that requires expert and specialised advising.

Administrative Procedure

  • Administrative procedures and disciplinary proceedings
  • Assistance and support in the drafting of legal and regulatory provisions in all areas of public administration. Administrative and contentious appeals.
  • Advising in cases of public administration liability in administrative proceedings and before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

Administrative transparency and access to information

  • Advising and consultancy on active publicity and access to public information
  • Protocols for handling requests to access information
  • Application of weighting criteria with regard to the protection of personal data
  • Disciplinary procedures, system of challenges and appeals.

Administrative procurement

  • Advising on public sector procurement files for public bodies. 
  • Assistance and accompaniment of bidders in public sector procurement tenders. Assistance in procedures for administrative challenges to tender specifications, admission of bids and awards.
  • Analysis of the administrative clauses and technical specifications of the tender. Justification of the price, resources.
  • Assistance in the declaration of confidentiality of the contents of tenders.
  • Fulfilment and performance of the contract, modification, termination, cancellation.
  • Issuance of legal reports.

Regulatory compliance

  • COMPLIANCE program for the public sector. Design and implementation of an Integrity Model.
  • Establishment of procedures and control mechanisms in order to prevent legal-administrative risks, conduct contrary to laws, regulations and codes of ethics and conduct and loss of public reputation. Fraud risk assessment and management.
  • Design, implementation and review of a code of ethics.
  • Implementation of the Complaints Channel. Ongoing advice on the procedure and follow-up of internal complaints.
  • Integration with data protection legislation.
  • Drafting and revision of ordinances and regulations related to the implementation of e-government.
  • Compliance in public procurement. Application to public administrations and third parties in the field of public procurement.
  • COMPLIANCE training for public employees.
  • Studies on intellectual property and trademarks of public entities, in relation to public procurement, administrative transparency and re-use of public documentation.

Specialized training

“Training is a good basis for dealing with any business”

Continuous learning and training is one of our pillars. For this reason, we offer specialized in-house and virtual training for our clients in the areas in which we are specialized.