A company can only grow if it has built good cornerstones. Everything in a company is important and its success depends on it. A basic work with personalised advising and in accordance with the needs of each business projects a good future for the company.

Advising on commercial relations and commercial contracting

  • National and international commercial contracting. Negotiation of corporate agreements and contracts
    Advising directors and advisors in all processes.
  • Transfer of businesses.
  • Claims and defence proceedings arising from company and business contracts.
  • Defence in legal proceedings.

Digital businesses

  • Drafting and revision of technology contracts: outsourcing, software development, technology distribution, Cloud Computing. Contracts for IT products and services. Collaborative economy.
  • Consumers and electronic commerce. Design of legal procedures for distance selling.
  • Advising on consumer and user rights. Compliance with consumer regulations. Online consumer rights.


  • Incorporation and restructuring of companies. Reform and updating of articles of association and internal regulations
  • Regulatory compliance in the holding of meetings and gatherings. Relationships between partners, covenants and corporate resolutions
  • Service as legal counsel, as non-member secretary of the company.

Entrepreneurs and START-UPS

  • Comprehensive advising for the creation of companies and their growth in the regulatory and financial sphere. Protocol for the creation and application of regulations.
  • Business plan, financing, incorporation of companies and drafting of contracts. Confidentiality agreements. Covenants between partners. Negotiation processes. Drafting and revision of contracts. Advising on investment rounds

Non-profit organisations and foundations

  • Creation of non-profit organisations. Compliance with formal requirements before the competent bodies.
  • Assessment and verification of activity and compliance with obligations.
  • Legal assistance in all the entity’s liability actions before official bodies.
  • Assistance to Trustees and members of the Board of Directors on their obligations to the entity.
  • Representation in the event of inspections.
  • We advise on the development and implementation of criminal COMPLIANCE systems, prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Legal support for research projects

  • Advising from the drafting of the project through to its implementation
  • Legal advice on the implementation process.
  • Support in writing the research project.
  • Strategic advising

Specialised training

“Training is a good basis for any business”

Continuous learning and training is one of our cornerstones. For this reason, we offer specialised in-house and virtual training for our clients in the areas in which we specialise.