Protocol to support measures that promote mental health on the Internet

Last February, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) designed a General Action Protocol to support measures that promote mental health on the Internet.

This protocol aims to contribute to increasing the effectiveness of measures offering assistance to affected people in the event that their data has been obtained illegally through the Internet. It especially focuses on cases of digital violence against women, minors and other vulnerable groups.

What is the protocol of measures to promote mental health on the Internet

The protocol states that the AEPD and the General Psychology Council of Spain (COP) will cooperate in carrying out outreach activities focused on promoting AEPD’s materials, tools and resources to achieve the purpose of this protocol.

Moreover, at the request of the AEPD, the COP will collaborate in activities related to the aims of this protocol. In which its participation can offer a special added value. This is the case of the Priority Channel or the tools on gender equality and the fight against gender violence.

The ‘Priority Channel’ makes it possible to request the immediate removal of sexual or violent content published on the Internet without the consent of those who appear. It is a tool that offers a quick response in exceptionally sensitive situations. This includes situations involving the dissemination of sexual or violent content.

Additionally, a route is established in which the complaints received are analysed as a matter of priority. Allowing the Agency, as an independent authority, to adopt any urgent measures that may be necessary to prevent this content from continuing to be published. The AEPD will support training and awareness in matters of privacy and the protection of personal data of members of the Official Psychological Associations through its Council.  Furthermore, it will institutionally support the COP.

Both institutions will jointly work together to organise forums, workshops, conferences, seminars and informative breakfasts. As well as any other dissemination and awareness action such as press releases. Blogs or publications on social media regarding matters covered by this Protocol. In addition to carrying out related studies and publications of interest.

It is a protocol that we at Bacaria Legal believe is essential to be able to respond to this type of situation that is generated in the digital environment.