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4 tips for securely registering your trademark

A trademark is one of the most valuable intangible assets of a company since it is what makes it stand out from its competition and it is the tool which allows it to promote and position itself on the market. This is why we at Bacaria Legal always recommend registering it given it is an investment for all types of companies.

A trademark grants an exclusive right of use that protects you against third parties trying to copy or replicate it. A registered trademark transmits a company’s values, but it also helps identify its services and/or products and conveys trust to the users and consumers.

While there are many benefits to trademarks, if you do not know how to register them there are also risks. Today we will explain 4 tips you should take into account to securely register your trademark. 

4 tips when registering your trademark

Viability study

Before deciding to register a trademark, you should assess whether it meets the legal requirements and identify previously registered or applications for identical or similar trademarks. This is because similarities between trademarks can give rise to problems and hurdles when registering them. It is worth devoting resources to this viability study otherwise you risk the creative and strategic effort all being for nothing.

Trademark law is regional

Although there are international agreements, as is the case with the Community Trademark, we recommend filing a different registration for each country you operate in. This means you will have a registration in each country. Depending on the commercial interest of your company, it will be essential to separately assess the regions and focus on protecting that identifies you in each territory.

First come, first registered

With regards to registering, time is of the essence. This means that a specific distinctive name or logo will be granted to the first registration application that is filed.

Actively monitor the registered trademark

This is a service that we have recently rolled out at Bacaria Legal, the aim of which is to keep our clients informed of all the new identical and similar trademark applications, among other aspects. As such, monitoring helps with making business decisions and its resulting value for the business.